Bordeaux 2013 En Primeur

There are many sayings about the Bordeaux 2013 about the terrible weather conditions and a series of unfortunate news from various chateaus. Top end chateaux such as Le Pin made a decision not to release their 2013s since they are not confident about the releasing quantity and smaller wineries like Chateau Malescasse announced they will not bottle any wine of 2013. It is very likely that we will put a Question Mark to the quality of vintage 2013.

To find out the answer and the truth of Bordeaux 2013, it is the best for you to taste it and make up your own answer. Royal Oak (HK) Co., Ltd. is proudly to present to you, again, a Bordeaux En Primeur Tasting in Hong Kong at the premium restaurant Sky Crystal (101/f ICC, Kowloon) of the Bordeaux 2013.

Our CEO, Mr. River WONG, our COO & Senior Sommelier, Mr. Eric KWOK together with Mr. Erwan LE BROZEC, Export Director Châteaux of Baron Philippe De Rothschild will be there to share with you their thoughts and recommendations on Bordeaux 2013.

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"It is very difficult to describe Bordeaux vintage 2013 as 'Good' or 'Bad'... For such a tough year, it is not the time for us to blame the ultimate reason of "terrible weather". We should look at it as a showtime for the winemaker and the team to perform their wine-making techniques and professional arrangements."

Quoted from Wilson Kwok , Winenow Monthly (May 2014)

"Looking at 2013 from a macro perspective, I am convinced this vintage is an important and meaningful one for the industry... With the 2013 vintage, it is heartening to see that producers who worked with nature, rather than against it, found another kind of balance; the long forgotten one where acidity bounces off light tannins and also adds clarity to flavours that could have been masked by density and a thick wall of tannins."

Quoted from Jeannie Cho Lee MW , (Apr 2014)

"They [ The Whites (both Dry and Sweet) ] are vibrant and exciting whites with wonderful minerality and intensity as well as subtle character, just ripe fruit and lively acidity. The Sauternes are especially interesting due to their purity of botrytis character giving them an almost dry spiciness with a balance of fruit, acid and sugar."

Quoted from James Suckling, (Apr 2014)