Message from the Chairman

Greetings to everyone involved in the wine industry! 

2014 is planned to be another challenging year for the wine industry in China. I agree it will not be easy; however, I believe there is ways to make the most of it.

In the current economic, technologic and competitive environment, it is no longer viable to remain only true to brands and sales methods that have shown success in the past. It is imperative to develop new ways of commercialization and distribution, to develop new brands or develop existing brands in a new way. This major challenge, facing all actors of the wine industry, will set aside the companies that did not adapt. I am convinced, and I made it as a motto for Royal Oak, that even in the most difficult market situation, we can succeed by always delivering the best in brand development, production and marketing.

Thanks to all the experience gathered developing overseas wine markets, we developed and acquired high-level skills and methods to promote wine. Royal Oak enjoying 3 years’ experience in Mainland China, we now have a clear understanding of the market requirements. We aim at combining both Western and Chinese cultures, as well as business approaches, to raise the level of wine market in China.

Royal Oak Asia Holding Ltd.